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Linda Schurman
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"There are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy."

  .....from Hamlet by Shakespeare


November 2017


My co-author Richard Spitzer and I are happy to announce that our book, "Our Choice - Extinction or Evolution" has been published!! ... ...for description click on-->…/…/ref=sr_1_1…

Important Points of Reference (for astrologers):

Full Moon at 11 degrees Taurus sextile Neptune on Nov. 4, New Moon at 26 degrees Scorpio inconjunct Uranus and trine Chiron on Nov. 28, Mercury in Scorpio inconjunct Uranus Nov. 2, Venus opposition Uranus on Nov. 3, Venus trine Neptune Nov. 15and sextile Pluto on Nov. 21, Saturn trine Uranus Nov. 11, Mars square Pluto Nov. 19 and opposition Uranus Nov. 30, the North Node inconjunct Pluto between Nov. 24 and 30, Neptune goes direct Nov. 22.

Mars in Libra (Oct. 23 – Dec. 8)

War & Peace and the Balance of Nature:

Libra is a sign that is concerned with justice, diplomacy, and peacemaking.  When Mars, the ancient God of War transits this sign, it may be called an oxymoron or a contradiction in terms – a planet equated with the use of force in a sign whose specialty is making deals and agreements to keep the peace.  It is also a sign whose concerns include the health of the natural biological world and the balances inherent in Nature.

Pres. Trump has been “threatening” No. Korea with terrible consequences if the nation launches another missile test or detonates a nuclear weapon.  He has engaged in a nasty exchange of insults with Kim Jong Un, both of them threatening each another in a “war of the words”, escalating tensions with So. Korea, nearby Guam and Japan, and setting the world on edge.  Trump has refused to sign the Iran nuclear agreement continuance, even though all involved agree they are in compliance, and other nations still remain committed to it.  This decision, if implemented, would withdraw any monitoring of Iran’s nuclear programs.  All this would leave the door wide open to eventually stir up a war with Iran.

Pres. Trump is also engaged in undoing environmental protection legislation passed over the past decades under the administrations of both political parties.  By bowing out of the Global Climate Accord, promoting expansion of coal industries, and releasing pollution restrictions on power plants, he is putting people’s health and lives at risk.  It is my belief that most states will pass local legislation to counteract these efforts.

Trump has destroyed the current credibility of the U.S. as a world leader.    He is pushing us backward into the 19th Century while China, ironically, whose climate has been severely affected by coal, is promoting electric cars, solar and windmill technologies, creating new jobs in sustainable energy, and is moving ahead in the 21st Century.  China’s leader has “declared” that it is now the leading superpower in the world.   Most of Western Europe is moving way ahead of us as well, committing themselves to green energy and moving away from fossil fuels. 

This Mars transit also activates the natal chart of Vladimir Putin, who has a cluster of planets in Libra in his sensitive 12th House unleashing aggressive tendencies and anger directed at the U.S. investigation of his activities influencing the 2016 U.S. presidential election and information that will be coming out this month.  December 21, Saturn will move into the sign of Capricorn where it will transit until December of 2020, emphasizing the economic and political problems in Russia and will likely challenge his dominance and control.  This month’s planetary transits will likely escalate protests and bring out his enemies, who, in the past, have been poisoned or mysteriously disappeared.  Jupiter in Scorpio, highlights Russia’s chart and all its economic issues and expansionary plans that will soon emerge on the world stage.

The progressed Mars in the U.S.A. chart is retrograde and located near its natal Saturn (limitation).  This suggests that we may be a nation in “decline” whose tendency is to get ourselves into hugely expensive and unwinnable war to our own detriment.  The recent death of American soldiers in Niger raised questions as to why we are stationing our troops there in the first place.  For many years, the U.S., Europe and now, China have been engaged in mining the rich mineral resources such as oil, rare earths, cobalt, and uranium in these regions.  In So. Africa, private military contractors working for global corporations outnumber their government’s standing army. This reminds me of the book “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man” that was published soon after the 911 attack on America and described our nefarious activities in these nations. The “spin” from Washington is that we are killing terrorists, which is true, but we have to question the wisdom in the seemingly endless drone attacks, and troops stationed there within nations hostile to us for taking over their resources without benefit to them. 

We now have the largest sovereign wealth debt in our history and currently compared with the rest of the world, followed only by Japan and China.  It is my opinion that our standing in the world-at-large is declining.  Pres. Trump and his “weapons of mass deception” propaganda is only one of the instruments to bring this about.  The rest lies within the core our nation itself that has a history of racism, economic classism, and a philosophy of “profits first”, regardless of social and environmental costs.  However, looking into the 2020s, it is my opinion that we are entering an age in which super powers themselves may become obsolete, changing the global landscape involving competition for power.

China will soon be the world’s biggest economy, but they have serious domestic problems with pollution, sovereign wealth debt, and a population that is being controlled by a rigid Communist government, whose head of state has recently been granted virtually limitless power.   Right now, their natal Sun in Libra is catching this Mars transit, and they will not be afraid to assert themselves at this time.  Currently, the U.S.A., China and Russia have big military and nuclear forces sustaining these nations in their powerful positions and stimulating massive growth of their arms industries.

Apocalypse Now:

The predictions of the vast majority of global climate scientists are coming true and we seem to be a nation in “shock”.  We know that we now have carbon dioxide accumulated in the earth’s atmosphere that has not been present for 800,000 years.  The U.S. has been hit on the East Coast by historically powerful hurricanes, decimating the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, parts of Florida, and Houston, Texas.  California has recently experienced  the most intense and widespread series of fires in its history.  Gov. Jerry Brown has said this may be the worst catastrophe ever to hit the state.  This follows the historically severe fires that burned in Washington and Oregon in September.  A major hurricane hit Ireland last month and a giant typhoon struck Japan.

Nature’s balance that has made it possible for life to thrive on this planet is now coming into question.  Outside the climate emergencies, Mexico suffered a Richter 8.1 and a second 7.1 earthquake that destroyed a section of Mexico City.  The transit of Mars in Libra, culminating in an opposition to Uranus at the end of this month, suggests that there will be more storms accompanied by high winds through early December.

Meanwhile, the Dow and the Nasdaq continue their rise, as if all of this is meaningless; that the realm of the banking and corporate “cartel” is immune to all of the above.  Congress recently overturned previous consumer protection rules which allowed people to collectively sue banks and credit card companies for misconduct.  They are moving forward with legislation that gives huge tax breaks to billionaires and corporations, with no provisions to prevent them from “offshoring” their taxable income, or bring labor back to the U.S., all of which is behind the all- time highs reached by this stock market. Historically, every time these tax breaks for corporations have been implemented, there has been no substantial increase in employment.  These decisions will increase our national debt to the point that, eventually, major cuts will take place in Medicare and Medicaid, education, highway and infrastructure repairs (that we will be unable to afford) and just about everything that would benefit the public at large.   I am reminded of how Nero played his fiddle while Rome burned!  With the collaboration between Congress and Wall Street, it may be an orchestra!

The Economy:

Saturn reaches the center of the galaxy between the end of this month and mid-December.  Historically, this placement has been associated with big corrections in financial markets.  However, the concentration of wealth in a small number of mutual funds and bank hedge funds leads me to believe the managers may “hold the line” by simply not selling, even though profits do not match stock prices.

The current market is being manipulated by those who have an unprecedented amount of concentrated power.  This is all about the “financialization” of the economy brought about by historically low interest rates (discouraging savings accounts and investment in small companies and the bond market) and the mass movement of retirement accounts into the risky stock market.  The tech FANGS are currently propping up this market.  However, due to the rise of giant Amazon, bricks and mortar retail industries shares have been dropping and shopping malls are slated to close all over the nation.  Iconic companies such as Sears, Macy, J.C. Penny, GE and IBM are all troubled.  There are questions being raised about how persons previously employed in retail are going to get the promised jobs working for Amazon hauling huge crates in warehouses.  Newly developed autonomous vehicles will likely displace about 50% of the male workforce.

Personal credit card debt along with U.S. sovereign wealth debt (as stated above) is at all- time highs and a high number of auto loans are going into default.   Home ownership in the population-at-large has fallen over the past decade and has not essentially recovered since housing prices have inflated way beyond what the younger generation, saddled with college loans, can afford.  The wealthy are still buying real estate and renting it at historically high prices.  This makes the real estate market look prosperous. The only silver lining is that average wages have actually risen this year for the first time in decades.  This may be due, in part, to rising numbers in the workforce aging and retiring.

Health insurance industries are muddling through the chaos created by Trump and the Republicans who are “at sea”, and many people are suffering.  Sixty Minutes aired a show last month exposing how the devastating opioid/heroin crises developed in this nation as opioid drug manufacturers and their representatives influenced the DEA to relax their investigations and later bribed members of Congress to pass legislation to essentially deregulate the industry, while they dumped millions of pills into vulnerable parts of the country.  More people now die of drug overdoses than are killed in auto accidents.  This confirms what many of us already know about the practice in this nation’s giant corporations to put profits before lives.  The good news is that this is now out in the open.

The transit of Jupiter in Scorpio suggests that prices of the metals may rise into the Jupiter sextile Pluto configuration in January.  However, these prices are frequently controlled by the giant banks through the futures market and frequently pushed downward to suit their interests.  China, after threatening to “outlaw” Bitcoin, seems to be embracing it and its enormous rise in value fuels speculation in this cryptocurrency and is fueling debates on Wall Street. It is my contention that digital block chain currency will become so widespread throughout the world that our old systems of cash, gold backed currency and traditional banking, will all come into question as the rise of online transactions on all levels will become a reality.  Without cyber security that goes beyond anything we know today, this puts people’s financial “existence” at risk.  With criminal operations like “ransom” and a whole range of very smart hackers globally, including “cyber warriors”, security may be a thing of the past!  Firms that specialize in the realm of cyber security will be very prosperous.

Homelessness in this nation is growing exponentially.  In an article posted on, it was reported recently that in 1985, when there was a lot of media attention given to this crisis, there were about 10,000 people in homeless shelters in New York City.  By July 2017 there were 60,856 people sleeping in homeless shelters.  Homelessness is accelerating in large cities throughout America and gets little or no attention in the media.  The growing gap between the haves and the have-nots is growing to a level not seen since the Great Depression of the 1930s.  Many of these people have jobs, but their wages are so low, they cannot afford rents that have risen through the roof in the past decade.

Jupiter in Scorpio, Sex scandals, Campaign Scandals, and Government Secrets:

From a few prominent whistle-blowers to an “avalanche” of high profile women, sexual harassment is being exposed in the media and it is about time!  Jupiter in Scorpio “highlights” issues surrounding sexual predators that have been with us for time immemorial!  Men in positions of power are often the biggest offenders and Harvey Weinstein’s disgraceful behavior is only part of the multitude of stories. Scorpio is a sign that excavates material from the darkest parts of the human psychological anatomy.  Jupiter “expands” this kind of information and spreads the news around.  It will be with us through early November of 2018, so all those involved had better get ready for a bumpy ride!

The promise to “deliver” the government’s documents on the Kennedy Assassination was withheld last month, after Pres. Trump promised they would be revealed.  It is my contention that these documents would likely show all the plots on the part of the CIA to harm Cuba, including their attempt to assassinate Castro; all the information they already knew about Oswald, including that he was in Dallas at the time Kennedy was slated to visit there; all the plots to get rid of heads of states in other nations, possibly in the Middle East, Central and South America; and all the information that would substantiate Pres. Dwight D. Eisenhower’s warnings to our nation about the “military industrial complex.”

Robert Mueller has announced his indictments of Paul Manafort (former Chair of the Trump Campaign) and his assistant Rick Gates for money laundering and lying about it, connected to his activities in the Ukraine.  Former Trump advisor, George Papadopoulos has plead guilty of making false statements to the FBI and was involved with the Trump campaign as late as January 2017 as he colluded with the Russians concerning “getting the dirt” on Hillary Clinton.  Obviously, this is all linked to the Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election and is only the beginning. 

More is coming out this month, probably those guilty in the “lower echelons” of power, with the “hope” they will blow the whistle on those at the top.  Mercury (communication) goes into Sagittarius (a sign that likes to get the truth out in the open) Nov. 5th, will retrograde in this sign Dec. 2nd through Dec. 22nd and will move to the end of the sign by January 10th. With all this, I still do not think the Republicans will do anything to move Pres. Trump out of office.

The “populists” who voted for Trump, thinking he would represent their interests, are just beginning to find out he is supportive of the banksters, Wall Street, the billionaires and the multiple entities they thought (rightly so) were connected to Hillary Clinton.   In addition, he has degraded his office with his “tweets” and lies, threatens every program this group of people needs, is threatening nuclear war with No. Korea and even Iran, and has brought America’s “standing” in the world-at-large into the collective basement. It is my opinion that if Trump leaves office, it will be because he “makes a deal”.  Between Nov. 12th and 18th, Mercury is square Neptune and Mars is square Pluto.  Watch this period carefully for financial crises, bad weather, and information that many people do not want to hear.

In previous newsletters, based on the Presidential Inauguration Chart, I predicted that this government would be plagued with scandals and threats to the presidency not seen since the Nixon era.  Pres. Trump is losing the astrological advantages he has had up until now.  The difference is that when Nixon was president, the Republicans took the “high road” and threatened to impeach him, leading to his resignation.  Currently, most of the Democrats are seriously weakened and the Republicans refuse to deal with “one of theirs” in the White House.

Other Nations:

Qatar, a small but hugely wealthy nation is taking a “hit” from other Gulf nations led by Egypt and Saudi Arabia who claim they are sheltering terrorists.  Their leadership explained in an interview on 60 Minutes Sunday that they are open to different religions, points of view, more liberal in their treatment of women, all of which threaten these nations who are ruled by dictators and monarchies.  After being “cut off” by these nations, they are recovering their trade and infrastructure connections.  This is interesting in that this nation may be threatening to those in the region who are not moving into the 21st Century.

Spain’s government has stopped Catalonia from breaking away to form an independent state.  This is one of many nations who are experiencing a wave of civil conflicts and exits that have erupted throughout the world.  Saturn in Sagittarius, long associated with Spain, along with Mercury’s transit this month through early January, will highlight their disagreements that may not settle down until early next year.

Russia (as mentioned above in connection with Putin’s chart) is moving into a rebellious period and dissenters will continue to express themselves through the end of this year and into early next year, as Mars in Libra and then in Scorpio activates their natal chart.


Recently, we all heard about technology that has been released that charges cell phones wirelessly.  In an online article Oct. 27, 2017 in Activis T Post, entitled “It’s Here: wireless Charging for Electric Vehicles Using Electromagnetic Power Induction,” the author, Jeff Paul, refers to a recent article in The Economist describing this technology.  He states “One of the obstacles preventing vehicles from becoming fully autonomous is the ability to refuel.  Imagine if a car or truck can park near an electromagnetic generator for 3-5 minutes and then continue functioning for another 16 hours.”  It is worth reading the entire article that extensively quotes the article in The Economist that initially reported the details released on this technology.  We are on our way to a brave new world.

Final Thoughts:  

In recent years, we have heard a lot about the “end times”, and I admit that I am one among many who have issued these warnings with a fair amount of frequency.  I am also of the opinion that the “times” we are currently inhabiting desperately call out to all of us to change our course.  The history of world civilizations over the past 5,000 years has been filled with great achievements – works of art, technologies, and mastery in mathematics and science never approached before.  It has been too often at the expense of humanity and life on earth itself; multiple genocidal wars, environmental and climate destruction, and hatred and cruelty to one another that, when seriously examined, make us wonder how we ever got to this point.

It is also a period when revelations and truths are moving us into a collective acknowledgement of what we have done and what we need to do to reverse  the current direction we have chosen to take.  Having our eyes opened to what is and what has been, is, perhaps, the greatest opportunity humankind has had to evolve and transform itself into the next great manifestation of life here on earth.  We now have the chance to advance psychologically and spiritually to the “promised land” of the human presence on earth that has been foretold through the ages by the wisest people.

Will we get there?  Possibly. The choice awaits us.   


Linda Schurman




"We are apt to shut our eyes against a painful truth... For my part,  I am willing to know the whole truth;  to know the worst;  and to provide for it."  .....Patrick Henry


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