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Linda Schurman
Editor and Publisher

October 2016


Important points of reference (for astrologers)

New Moon at 8 degrees Libra conjunct Jupiter on Oct 1, Full Moon at 23 degrees Aries conjunct Uranus on Oct. 16, New Moon at 7 degrees Scorpio conjunct Mercury and trine Neptune on Oct. 30, Venus at 22 degrees Scorpio is inconjunct Uranus in Aries Oct. 11, Mercury at 15 degrees Libra is square Pluto in Capricorn on Oct. 16, Mars at 15 degrees Capricorn is conjunct Pluto Oct. 19, Mercury is sextile Saturn on Oct. 14 and opposes Uranus on the 19, Mars is square Uranus on Oct. 28.

Mars in Capricorn reactivates the Pluto/Uranus square:

The Establishment becomes Disestablished.

Since the Pluto/Uranus square was activated (2011 – 2015), we have seen many governments overthrown, civil wars breaking out, and leaders voted out of office all over the world. Issues that have been fermenting for many years are surfacing and exploding across the planet. The biggest issue of all is that of massive climate disruption now called the Anthropocene Epoch, is literally ending the previous Holocene era that lasted only 11,700 years.

Scientists are saying that nuclear bomb testing, oil spills, industrial agriculture, human-caused global warming, and the proliferation of plastic across the globe have taken us over the “edge” into this dark era. Overpopulation, greed, and transnational corporate dominance resulting in the gutting of employment and an increase in economic inequality, and massive consumption related to fossil fuels have turned us into genocidal killers of species all over the world and are behind massive droughts, flooding of coastal regions, and famines. Cancer is on the rise and over-burdened healthcare systems are no longer working.

The Middle Eastern region, where so much revolution is taking place, is hit particularly hard. The Tigris, Euphrates, and Nile Rivers are drying up and temperatures are soaring to new highs. The people of this region are losing the ability to grow their own crops and are subject to massive rises in food prices as the need to import food from abroad grows. This is behind the many revolutions and overthrowing of existing governments in the nations there. Island nations and low-lying coastal areas are experiencing flooding and an increase in the severity of typhoons. The Western United States, in a serious cyclical drought, and battling the effects of “fracking” and drilling that threatens to pollute lakes and rivers, is in danger of losing the viability of many of its important aquifers.

People are suffering and are often reacting by blaming anyone they can; different races, ethnic groups, religions and, most of all, the “establishment” or people who have long been in positions of power, both in government and industry. They feel “dis-empowered” and are often confused by what led them into this downward spiral economically and politically. In the United States, civics and political science have frequently been removed from public school systems and children have “grown up” on television which content has been so “dumbed down” and sensationalized that critical thinking and high level content is a thing of the past – all in the interest of higher ratings and profits. (The exception to this is PBS News).

Interestingly, important events from the historic past during Uranus/Pluto contacts, should catch our attention. On August 24, 410 AD Rome was sacked, effectively ending the Rule of the Roman Empire when Uranus in Aquarius was square Neptune/Pluto. On January 21, 1793 when Uranus in Leo was opposite Pluto in Aquarius, Louis XVI, the King of France, was executed. On March 4, 1933, Franklin Roosevelt was inaugurated U.S. President and Adolph Hitler became Dictator of Germany under the Uranus in Aries square Pluto in Cancer placement.

Here in the United States, the presidential campaign of Donald Trump, considered to be an “outsider” is symptomatic of the wish of many people to expel those in Washington who are considered “establishment”. The problem with all “revolutions” is that mob anger is not only not a solution, but often the old devils are replaced with new devils, even worse than before.

I predicted this kind of activity in both my books: What Next? and Fast Forward. The difference now is that it is not just one kingdom or empire at stake. It is life on earth that's at stake, not in some distant future, but now.

The Economy:

Last month, Hanjin, a huge container shipping corporation declared bankruptcy (Neptune square Saturn) disrupting goods coming into our nation from abroad. Wells Fargo was “caught” in a scam of setting up a series of bogus accounts, perhaps caused by pressures on employees to open new accounts. The merger between Yahoo and Verizon has been “put on hold” since Yahoo was “hacked.” We know government servers have been hacked multiple times as have credit card accounts.

There seems to be no safety, security, or privacy on the internet and nothing in sight to deal with this issue.

Hedges and derivative trades (many puts) will likely be the territory that is traversed this month. A major hedge fund trader was recently caught in an “insider trading” scam. These events are symptomatic of what lies ahead in this seriously declining global economy that will likely implode in 2017. China's entry into the SDR poses a risk to the US dollar's global dominance. The Mars transit in Capricorn this month, especially its conjunction (very violent) to Pluto on the 19th, Jupiter inconjunct Neptune (fear and uncertainty) between the 17th and the 23rd, along with the Full Moon on the 16th conjunct Uranus (sudden disruption) will all contribute to a lot of bad news and send investors fleeing out of markets. Tech stocks may take a particularly hard hit with the Full Moon conjunct Uranus. Capricorn “rules” the establishment and they will be having secret meetings this month, plotting their “moves” in case there is a swarm of “black swans”.

I have to say, the market will likely rally between November and December, but don't be fooled by this. The really big downward movements will likely take place next year.

International Issues:

Capricorn is strongly associated with Eastern Europe and Russia, in particular. The conflicts in the Ukraine will likely emerge again. Putin will be very defensive and aggressive this month. The Russian people have little or nothing to say about what he decides since he is a dictator. He has “fleeced” the country to the extent he is one of the world's richest people. The European Union and its problems with its complex trade agreements between Eastern and Western Europe will likely emerge this month. Last month, Deutche Bank went down over 6% in one day and is in trouble, as I have pointed out in previous newsletters. As I have said before, I think the EU and the Eurodollar are in trouble and the EU will be very unlikely to hold itself together in the coming years.

Problems may come up with Iran and the nuclear disarmament agreement we made with them last year.

Turkey will have a struggle to define its direction and there may be problems with their alliances and their relationship with NATO. Saudi Arabia's chart is being activated by the Full Moon on the 16th and Mars transiting Capricorn in their chart. Battles behind walls are waged between members of the royal family in their struggles for power . Last month, Congress overrode Pres. Obama's veto of a bill allowing Americans to sue Saudi Arabia for their complicity in 9/11. The US has financed terrible weapons this nation is using in Yemen. OPEC's decision to cut back oil production to raise oil prices will backfire this month. Things will be troubling in this nation in October and November. Syria's civil war gets worse before it gets better. The devastation in Allepo resembles Berlin at the end of World War II and most of it was created by it's president, Assad. The U.S. Is giving up on Russia to help settle this mess. The Jupiter transit in Libra is stimulating some kind of settlement, but the journey is long and it will be hard to get there.

China will take both Mars and Pluto square its natal Sun, with Jupiter going over its Sun and forming a T-square this month. This will stir up a very defensive, nationalistic position for this nation, who no longer is enamored by trading with the West. They are a Communist dictatorship, and they have a very powerful and impressive military. Recently, they have made important trade agreements with Russia connected to buying their oil. Their purposely weakened currency will likely backed by gold which they have been accumulating for many years. However, this nation has accrued enormous debts and their stock market crashed in July 2015 and Jan. of 2016. Even though they have manufactured more solar panels than any other nation and have put up many windmill farms, they are still using coal produced energy in massive amounts and creating an environmental catastrophe for their people.

The Election:

Last month's Lunar Eclipse on Hillary Clinton's Moon and Mid-heaven, highlights what I have said in this newsletter in the past, and that is that she has a hidden health problem, is seen as a corrupt “insider” by many, and needs to summon all her available energy to make it to the White House. This month's Mars transit is not kind to Donald Trump whose recent performance in the debate was pitiful. His progressed Moon will hit his natal Saturn in November, suggesting he will be held accountable for his statements, both past and present. Remember in last month's newsletter, I predicted that health issues would arise for both candidates. Both candidates benefit from the transit of Jupiter in Libra, enlarging this election and voter response.

The reason I will not predict who I think will win is this: this election is the most uncertain and unpredictable election in this century. I also think the “polls” are mostly wrong. The “data analysis” is based only on past data that will change from day to day. Election day, “the people” will determine our country's fate.

A Ray of Hope:

One of the people I hold in high esteem is Myanmar's (Burma) new head-of-state, Aung San Suu Kyi (she visited the U.S. In September) who spent 15 years under house arrest under the previous absolute military dictatorship there. She won the Nobel Prize for Peace in 1991 but was unable to accept it until 2012. Her determination to bring democracy to her nation in the face of seemingly impossible odds is an example to all of us that real change can be brought in a world that, at times, seems hopeless. Many people refer to her as the Nelson Mandela of Asia. Jupiter's current transit in Libra will likely bring her efforts forward for people to observe around the globe.

Weather and the Environment:

Venus in Scorpio and Mars in Capricorn foretell a definitely cooling down trend and will welcome some rain coming into regions that have been very dry this past summer. The Full Moon conjunct Uranus on the 16th, along with Mercury square Pluto could summon severe storms ranging from tornadoes to hurricanes. I am also concerned about earthquake activity in populous areas. Last month, there were a lot of earthquakes, the most serious one destroyed most of a village in Italy. Pluto rules volcanoes. We could see some activity there as well. In recent years, most of the great typhoons have been in the Pacific and hit Asia. Last month, a deadly typhoon hit both Taiwan and the mainland of China. We may see more severe weather in this region this month.

In North Dakota, near Cannon Ball, protesters have gathered by the thousands to protest the pipeline there that would encroach on Native American burial grounds and ancient sites. In addition it would go through important aquifers, including the Missouri River. This struggle, which is of major importance, has been kept off national media, which I think is a disgrace. Recently, the military came in and disbursed the protesters.

If we are not careful, we could see pipeline leaks and environmental accidents this month into November.

Final Thoughts:

I am privileged to serve a clientele of people who are distinguished by their diversity. They are of all races, religions, ethnic origins. They reside all over the world. They range in age from newborns (grandma requests a chart reading) to people in their 90s who are still fortunate enough to live among us. Most of my clients have advanced their education, believe in hard work, and are striving for a better life for their children. They differ in their politics and believe we have the right to debate issues in this country. One thing, however, they agree upon is that we all need to keep an “open mind”. Otherwise, they would not be contacting me for a chart reading. It takes courage to be open minded. You are willing to go, Star Trek style, to “where no man has gone before.” It takes strength to admit that there is more to our existence than the narrow confines of what others have proclaimed is real or relevant.

Without an open mind, I would not be here today doing what I am doing and working so hard to find solutions to our monumental problems. Today's social and political environment is a wrestling match between orthodoxies. People at the “top” are holding on to their money and power and using their positions to make sure nobody else gets into their realms. Their “religion” is capitalism with the motto of “profits at all cost.” People at the “bottom” are frequently in such a “rage” about their condition, violence is blindingly escalating around them. This conflict is as old as civilization itself. It is based on a “predator/prey” notion resulting in social and economic caste systems. In a sense, we are a kind of mass sibling rivalry; a “kill off your brother or sister and take over” mentality that reminds us of the centuries of rule of royal families. Democracy - a sharing of ideas, equal opportunities for wealth, resources and governance is a relatively new idea and, in a sense, is still on trial.

Our challenges today are truly vast and very serious. Without a willingness to embrace critical thinking, a sharing of ideas, listening to one another, and a recognition that we need to open our minds and hearts to something greater than our limited formats, we will be victims of our orthodoxies and darkest defense mechanisms. The result will be that everyone will go down together. The alternative is is to know that we do not know. In taking this step, amazing and grand solutions may present themselves to all of us as we create a new trajectory of history for humankind, and move upward and outward into a universe of stars.

Linda Schurman



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